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Nuclear & Particle Physics

Front-end Instrumentation, Power Supplies, Powered Crates... and more!

CAEN Electronic Instrumentation is one of the first product lines xtronix started marketing back in 1988.

CAEN activities are at the forefront of the technology thanks to years of intensive collaborations with the major Research Centers and Universities around the world and enjoys a privileged market position internationally as well as in Switzerland. The company operative field is focused on two main areas: nuclear physic research (both high & medium-low energies) and its fall-out applications. But in addition, close to 20% of the company's production is in custom designs; a reminder that if you do not immediately find what you need, please contact us!

The company is leader in the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic instrumentation for sub-nuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics: Low Voltage & High Voltage Power Supply Systems, Signal Conditioning, Front- End, Trigger, Data Acquisition Electronics (VME & NIM), Digitizers and Powered Crates.



  • power supply system

    NIM - VME

    Sophisticated electronic instrumentation for sub-nuclear, nuclear and astroparticle physics: Low or High Voltage Power Supply, Signal Conditioning, Front- End, Trigger, Data Acquisition Electronics Techniques.


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    Front-end Electronics


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  • powered crate

    HV P/S & Powered Crates

    Power Supply Systems are at the heart of any experiment and provide the High or Low voltage required by detectors and related front-end electronics. Quality of P/S is critical to obtain best performance from the set-up. 


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    High Voltage Power Supplies


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    Powered Crates

  • desktop digitizer

    Signal Generator / Software

    Digital Detector Emulators are used to emulate in real time signals from generic setups for radiation detection. CAEN-developed demo softwares and provides the libraries to let users create their data acquisistion interface.


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    Digital Detector Emulators


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    Firmware / Software

Modular Pulse Processing Electronics

CAEN provides a complete and ever increasing set of instrumentation, from Preamplifiers to Data Acquisition to Triggering Electronics and Logic Functions. Most of the instrumentation is available in standard form factors and bus protocols, such as VME, NIM and Desktop.

The Desktop is the stand alone form factor of the CAEN products. It provides the same performances of the other form factors and take the advantage of an easier and portable use, requiring no crates.

Digital Pulse Processing

In recent years, thanks to the availability on the market of flash ADC more and more fast and precise, applications in the field of nuclear physics (and related fields) have started to make large use of data acquisition systems based on digitizers. Compared to the traditional analog acquisition systems, in which the A/D conversion was performed only at the end of the chain, the new systems have reversed the approach: the conversion to digital is performed as close as possible to the source of the signal (output of the detector or preamplifier). After the ADC, special algorithms can be applied for the extraction of the quantities of interest, creating digital filters and data processing blocks that, in most cases, are very similar (at least from a functional point of view) to the old and familiar analog circuits, such as timing filter, shaper, CFD, baseline restorer. The benefits of the digital approach are great stability and reproducibility, ability to reprogram and tailor the algorithms, ability to preserve the information of the signal along the entire acquisition chain, etc.


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Digital Spectroscopy

In the recent years CAEN developed a new digital platform able to meet different nuclear spectroscopy requirements in a flexible way. This is the result of all the experiences collected over years of collaborations and projects in the field of radiation detection.

Today CAEN is looking far ahead and its roadmap includes the development of instruments not only for research, but for real life applications. A new series of instruments in the field of Environmental Monitoring, Homeland Security and Material Science are under development and CAEN is confident about its capability to provide Top-of-the-Line Instruments.

The first instruments developed combine the best CAEN capabilities: high performance Digitizers, on-board Digital Pulse Processing and state-of-the-art High Voltage Power Supplies, giving rise to a powerful yet compact family of products for Digital Nuclear Spectroscopy.


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Radiation Safety & Security

CAEN SyS is the new Systems & Spectroscopy of CAEN Spa. Such division relies upon an extremely strong foundational knowledge of nuclear measurement instrumentation in developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions. These systems and solutions are perfectly suited to operations involving Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plants, Measurements Laboratories, and Security Applications.


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