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Vacuum & Thin Film Consumables

 Oil - Grease - Filaments - Quartz Crystals - Materials

In addition to the main 3 consumables categories below, we can also supply Temescal & Telemark electron beam gun replacement parts, Veeco Commonwealth and Ion Tech ion source parts, B-A ionization & thermocouple gauges, replacement cathodes for ion pumps and filaments for TSPs.

For years we have supplied consumable items for Vacuum and Thin Film applications. An impoortant activity is also our Private Labling for OEM markets. Hundreds of users around the glob actively use our products even if our logo never appears on the items or packages! We are a supplier to some really big players in the industry.

Other vacuum related consumables include ion pump elements, titanium sublimation pump filaments, various replacement thermocouple and ionization gauges, ebeam evaporation, helium leak detector filaments, molecular sieve and generally many hard-to-find parts which we have the market contacts to assist our valued customers. 



  • Krytox fluids

    Fluids & Lubricants

    We stock a variety of mechanical and diffusion pump oil and grease; Silicon, Polyphenyl Ether and PFPE. 


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  • Quartz Crystals

    Quartz Crystals

    We are a major supplier of Quartz Crystals for deposition monitors used in sputter or evaporation coating process.


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  • sputter targets

    Sputter / Evaporate

    Whaterver your thin film deposition  process, we can supply approprite targets or evaporation materials.


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