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Cutting-edge Technology
  • Desktop Cryo-Coolers
  • CAEN Electronic Instrumentation
  • Kelvin Probe / Air Photoemission System
  • Most Advanced PVD Controllers
  • 1'500+ HV / UHV Feedthroughs & Connectors
  • Over 1'500 KF-ISO-CF Vacuum Hardware
  • Cryogenic Temperature Instruments
  • Cryogenic Temperature Sensors
  • Gas Flow Management
  • Gas Flow Management

    Gas Flow

    Whether it's a mass flow controller, a shutoff valve, a pressure regulator or an entire custom gas panel, we can assist you in your projects.

    We've handled major gas delivery blender projects and custom production systems in the past.

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  • HEP

    Particle Physics

    We have Switzerland's largest installed base of advanced instrumentation for High Energy Particle physics and related science.

    If you're a physicist working around a beamline, talk to us, we have hundreds of products to propose.

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  • Surface Science

    Surface Science

    Kelvin Probes are not new to surface science, but the list of applications they can address keeps widening in a very dynamic manner.

    World's leading device used to measure work function (wf) or surface potential (sp).

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  • Vacuum_TF

    Vacuum / TF

    Over 3000 vacuum componets in KF-ISO-CF standards. Quartz crytal deposition controllers, PVD sources & complete coating systems.

    We also propose consumables and spares for vacuum and thin films applications.

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High Energy & Nuclear Physics

 Technological products and services to the High Energy and Nuclear Physics research community.

From readout and characterization electronics, to radiation detector development and fabrication, custom engineering services and full mechanical electronic system integration.

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Deep Rooted Technology Base

xtronix is a diversified technology supplier to academic and government research, corporate R&D and hi-tech industry. Our customers are among the best-known technology companies and science Universities in 45 countries of Europe, the Americas, Asia, Middle East and South Africa. In addition, by proxy of our OEM private labeling activity we reach markets around the globe.

We primarily cater to the following fields of science and technology:

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