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Welcome to this flow metering website for gas-related products of the X-TRONIX LTD group.





Flow Metering and Control was one of our very first areas of technological focus; our involvement in mass flow control dates to 1989. Today we propose an extensive range of gas management products for research labs and hi-tech production facilities.

The latest addition to our range is a very complete family of tube fittings, pressure regulators and valves from the ROTAREX Group, a world-class leader in the field, with some 1500 employees in 17 offices, 15 factories and 4 R&D facilities.


Certified ISO 9001



ROTAREX Equipment offers a wide range of valves, regulators, fittings and related equipment and their accessories. It meets the requirements of every gas piping network and installation, offering a global gas component solution, from the source to the point of use.

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ROTAREX Equipment includes the following product ranges: SAGANA, SELFA, SMT & GAZEL.



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SAGANA: one of the widest range of instrumentation components & compatible with the other brands. Over 5'600 line items!
Tube fittings, conversion fittings, line valves, check valves, quick connectors, filters, hoses, manifolds. Available as metric (3mm to 50mm) or imperial (1/16’’ to 2’’).

  • Double ring fittings, unions & adaptors (stainless steel & brass)
  • Spinmeter valves; Micrometering valves
  • Needle - Ball - Toggle valves
  • Quick couplings; Sintered & mesh filters
  • PTFE & Stainless Steel Hoses

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 Selfa Click for PowerPoint show

SELFA: connectors, valves & regulators among the highest quality requirements. Up to 240 bars – 3500 psi.
UHP line diaphragm valves and pressure regulators (from 4 to 20mm). Bellows valves for specialty gases, high flow and cryogenic applications (from -273 to + 250C.).

  • Diaphragm Valves: 4 mm - 20 mm
  • Diaphragm Pressure Regulators: inlet pressure 25 - 240 bar
  • High Flow Bellows Valves: 10 mm - 100 mm
  • Cryogenic Bellows Valves for LN2 and Helium applications
  • Cylinder Connectors PDF

Streaming video: ROTAREX Selfa products for semiconductor & allied industries.

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 SMT Click for PDF brochure

SMT: the offer of a leading manufacturer: one of the widest range of regulation equipment. Cylinder and line pressure regulators, line valves, points of use, supply boards, switch over boards and accessories. From industrial to 6.0. Also Welding & Diving solution available.

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Gazel Click for PDF brochure

 GAZEL: UHP fittings
A unique offer of fittings (from 1/8” to 1”) for UHP & specialty gases installation. Metal gasket face seal fittings, space saver fittings, micro fittings, weld fittings. The lineup includes a very broad range of tube fittings (230 line items!) for hi-tech applications, including those commonly used on Mass Flow Controllers:

  • Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings
  • Space Saver Fittings
  • High Flow Fittings
  • Micro Fittings
  • Weld Fittings

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