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Welcome to this flow metering website for gas-related products of the X-TRONIX LTD group.




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Flow Control (Gas / Liquid): Semiconductors, Flat Panel Displays and even Photo Voltaic Solar Cells are involved in an ever increasing part of our lives.

To manufacture these high tech devices it is important to have reliable and precise Fluid Control. HoribaSTEC is the established world leader in this area offering a full line up of Gas, Liquid, and Vapor delivery products. The company also proposes a range of liquid vapor sources for point of use chemical vaporization. 

HoribaSTEC has released to market an MFC model with Profibus as the communication protocol. Profibus is normally not used by the semiconductor industry but is seen often in other segments of the coating industry. The N100 has many construction similarities to the Z500 series, which has enjoyed worldwide success over past years and which has been adopted by many equipment OEMs as their main MFC. Until recently Horiba could only propose the DeviceNET communication option. The N100 is also available both with all metal seals or Viton seals.


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The ROTAREX selection includes over 6'500 gas-related components. Their Sagana, Gazel & MTA brands of gas fittings are renowned worldwide. The range of fittings include versions for High Purity and Ultra-high Purity applications. ROTAREX is ISO 9001 certified and uses various clean rooms down to class 10.

SAGANA - High safety and leak tight integrity are ensured by the compression system of these tube fittings. Available in stainless steel or brass they are cross-standardized to be compatible with other brands.

GAZEL gas fittings come in 5 large families:

  • Metal-gasket Face Seal

  • Space Saver

  • High Flow

  • Micro Fittings

  • Weld Fittings

MTA gas fittings are available in both HP & UHP qualities. For upstream connections it caters to CGA, DISS, JIS, DIN, BS and NF norms. For downstream connections they are available with Imperial and metric BWO ends, face seal glands and NPT. Standard materials include 316L, 316LS and MOD VAR. Hastalloy and nickel are also available optionally.

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ROTAREX manufactures single & double stage pressure regulators for cylinders as well as point of use (wall or panel mounts). With a product catalog of just under 120 pages, the family of products is very extensive and covers most market requirements.

Historically, these pressure regulators have also sold under the colors of giant world-wide gas suppliers.

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2-way, 3-way, multi-way bellows or diaphragm gas valves help shutoff upstream and downstream gas lines in mass flow control setups.

SELFA micrometering - needle - ball - toggle valves as well as 300 bar line valves.


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Comparative study between Bellows and Diaphragm Gas Valves

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 xtronix custom designs removes the burdensome task of design engineering, parts procurement, assembly, testing and final qualification. We work with suppliers, often companies we actively distribute products of, to obtain the best price and delivery, leaving our customers more time to focus on their own clients and less time worrying about all the intricacies of custom designs.

In addition, xtronix, with its global resources and cutting edge know-how, is often times able to procure custom sub-parts in small quantities. 

We can also custom design & manufacture your gas panels as well as more complex gas blending systems.


  Batch Production Vacuum Exhaust & Gas Backfill System

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MicropoleTM - The world's most miniature Residual Gas Analyzer is reborn with new advanced electronics and far superior software! Currently two versions are proposed, 65AMU and 100AMU.


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